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NAC (Norwegian Afghanistan Committee) was founded in 1980 in Norway as a response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. It was established by local committees in Norway who mobilized public opinion against the invasion and sought to show solidarity with the Afghan people. One of their early activities included fundraising campaigns to assist the increasing number of Afghans affected by the conflict.

Over the years, NAC expanded its presence and operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan:

  • In 1983, NAC established its first office in Peshawar, Pakistan, which was a key hub for Afghan refugees and humanitarian efforts during the Afghan-Soviet conflict.
  • In 1986, a field office was opened in Ghazni province in Afghanistan, further extending NAC’s reach and impact.
  • In 1991, NAC set up an office in Keshem, Badakhshan province, to carry out its relief and development work in different regions of Afghanistan.
  • In 1997, NAC opened a liaison office in Kabul, Afghanistan. This office later evolved into NAC’s Country Office in 2002.

Throughout its history, NAC has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Afghan people, and this commitment has continued for over 30 years. It is noteworthy that NAC’s support for Afghanistan is not tied to specific political causes or limited to particular aid areas. Over time, NAC has evolved from a solidarity organization into a professional relief and development NGO while keeping solidarity with the Afghan people at the core of its mission.

NAC works closely with beneficiary communities to develop effective strategies and programs for implementation. Its ultimate goal is to support the Afghan people in the development of a peaceful, democratic, and egalitarian society where universal human rights are respected. NAC focuses on long-term development programs and initiatives, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, aiming to improve the quality of life in rural Afghanistan.

Additionally, NAC serves as a focal point for knowledge, interest, and engagement with Afghanistan in Norway. It actively promotes Afghan voices and perspectives in Norwegian public discourse and advocates for informed and responsible policies toward Afghanistan.

In summary, NAC has a rich history of supporting Afghanistan and its people, evolving from a solidarity organization into a professional NGO with a strong commitment to promoting peace, democracy, and human rights in the region.

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