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Kunduz Rehabilitation Agency (KRA) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that emerged in 1995 as an extension of the renowned Afghanaid International UK NGO in Kunduz city, located within the Kunduz Province. Our core belief centers around collaborating with communities, particularly those marginalized and disadvantaged, to instigate positive actions and foster their development.

Our Journey

Since its inception, KRA has been fueled by a profound self-assurance to execute projects with unwavering commitment, aiming for sustainable outcomes. Over the years, we have employed diverse strategies, meticulously planning program implementations with tailored Terms of Reference (TOR) for each project. Our approach involves the implementation of effective monitoring and evaluation systems, ensuring that our target groups are empowered, self-reliant, and capable of weathering challenging situations.

KRA has devoted considerable efforts to empowering various sections of the community, implementing projects that address the unique needs of the less privileged. Our focus extends to developing the abilities and capacities of the underprivileged, fostering a sense of community support during times of adversity.

Capabilities and Training

Over the years, KRA has cultivated a skilled and capable staff, many of whom have undergone training in Agriculture Development and environmental activities facilitated by esteemed consulting organizations. Our commitment to capacity building is evident in the unique manner in which our staff applies their skills on-site. Our management encourages staff development, providing opportunities for skill enhancement, specialization services, and participation in various training programs.

Expertise and Specialization

Our team has received training in a spectrum of areas, including Rural Road design, Agricultural Development Strategies by ICARDA, alternative livelihood programs by DFID, NGO management by ANCB, and Organizational Development by ODCI. Our management has not only built capacities but has also contributed valuable insights to national and international conferences, workshops, seminars, and symposiums.

Adapting to Change

In response to evolving circumstances, KRA has expanded its work areas, recruiting staff with diverse capacities to ensure the effective implementation of programs and the achievement of desired results.

Community Development Initiatives

KRA focuses on:

Professional training in Agricultural activities and project management
Protect Agriculture Technology (PAT)
Survey and supervision
Training and transfer of technology
Computer facilities and equipment
Ongoing Projects

Our ongoing projects encompass:

Word Processing system
Computer Center equipped with the latest Intel processors
Digital Camera with panorama mode and Video recorders
Integrated Satellite Phones
GPS reading Systems

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