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Welcome to New Way Social and Development Organization (NSDO), a dedicated force for development, advocacy, and humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan since 2011. At NSDO, our unwavering commitment is directed towards the well-being of women and children, and our journey has witnessed transformative impacts on the lives of countless marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Our Mission:

NSDO is on a mission to bring positive change to Afghanistan, particularly for women and children in fragile and humanitarian situations. Our work is made possible through robust partnerships with esteemed organizations such as German International Cooperation (GIZ), USAID, European Commission (EC), Save the Children International, GFA, DAI, UN-HABITAT, UNAMA, and other international development stakeholders, alongside our dedicated community partners.

Democratic Governance:

NSDO operates as a democratic organization, guided by an independent body comprised of elected or appointed members. This collective oversees strategic directions, ensuring accountability standards are not just in place but actively practiced. Recognized and certified by USAID and the Afghanistan Institute for Civil Society (AICS), NSDO stands as a prominent Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and Civil Society Organization (CSO) in Afghanistan.

Our Threefold Focus:

For over a decade, NSDO has been making impactful contributions in the sectors of Advocacy, Humanitarianism, and Development. We’ve spearheaded initiatives for women’s economic empowerment through income generation, agricultural development, and value chain interventions in the northern regions of Afghanistan.


Our commitment to transparency and excellence is underscored by certifications from USAID and the Afghanistan Institute for Civil Society (AICS), affirming NSDO as a leading NGO and CSO in Afghanistan.

Join us in our journey towards positive change, where every effort counts and every life touched becomes a testament to the transformative power of collective action.

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