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Welcome to the Kandahar Refugee Organization (KRO), a non-political, non-profit, and non-governmental humanitarian organization operating at a national level in Afghanistan. Established under official authorization from the Ministry of Economy on January 16, 2019, in Kandahar, KRO was founded by Afghan entrepreneurs and agriculture specialists. Our primary focus lies in delivering humanitarian aid and fostering rehabilitation initiatives across Afghanistan.

KRO is deeply committed to bolstering the local economy and nurturing sustainable development by leveraging our extensive network spanning all 34 provinces. Our dedicated regional coordinators drive the implementation and coordination of various field activities encompassing livelihood support, food security, agriculture, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), research, capacity building, disaster management, and job placement.


Our vision at KRO is to envision a poverty-free society that is socially and economically self-reliant, valuing basic rights and human dignity.


KRO collaborates with Afghan communities at grassroots levels, endeavoring to facilitate sustainable development while upholding dignity. We are committed to empowering and enabling community-driven initiatives that allow individuals to address their socio-economic challenges independently, thereby elevating them out of poverty.


We aim to provide vital assistance and foster the socio-economic development of distressed, needy, neglected, and vulnerable populations in Afghanistan, with special attention given to women and children.

Core Values

Leadership: We prioritize listening to and learning from our communities, addressing root causes of problems, and mobilizing resources for communal welfare.
Equity: Our focus is on achieving equity, particularly for vulnerable individuals, though not exclusively.
Inclusiveness: Embracing diversity in strengths, needs, voices, and backgrounds within our community is a cornerstone of our practices.
Accountability: We serve as custodians of community investments, ensuring alignment with donors’ charitable intentions while adhering to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, service, and fiduciary responsibility.
KRO remains steadfast in its commitment to uplifting communities and fostering sustainable change across Afghanistan, guided by these core principles.

For more information or to contribute to our humanitarian efforts, please visit our website.

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