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CARE International’s Impactful Journey in Afghanistan

Since its inception in 1961, CARE International has been a steadfast force in Afghanistan, championing the cause of eradicating poverty and extending a helping hand to vulnerable communities. Although faced with challenges, CARE’s commitment to making a positive impact on Afghan lives remained unwavering.

A Legacy of Resilience

CARE International began its operations in Afghanistan in 1961, temporarily suspending activities in 1979 due to external circumstances. The organization, however, resumed its mission in 1989, solidifying its place as one of the leading humanitarian international NGOs in the country. Today, CARE is at the forefront of the battle against poverty, providing crucial life-saving assistance to those in need.

Holistic Programs for Sustainable Change

CARE Afghanistan’s multifaceted programs focus on four key areas, each contributing to the holistic development of the nation:

  • Humanitarian Action: CARE swiftly responds to emergencies triggered by natural disasters, conflict, and internal displacement, reaching the most underserved communities in both rural and urban settings.
  • Resilience Program: Aiming at the social and economic empowerment of women, CARE works on initiatives such as food security, livelihood enhancement, and the promotion of inclusive governance. The organization actively engages women and men in agricultural value chains and businesses, fostering sustainable development.
  • Education Program: CARE’s commitment to education manifests through community-based approaches, especially benefiting girls. The organization creates safe, inspiring, and culturally appropriate environments for learning in remote areas, spanning both primary and secondary levels.
  • Health Equity and Rights Program: CARE delivers primary health care services, emphasizing Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. Mobile health teams, improved frontline health worker capacity, and support services for nutrition and Gender-Based Violence response underscore CARE’s dedication to the overall well-being of vulnerable women, men, and children.
    Advocacy for Positive Change

Beyond community-based initiatives, CARE Afghanistan actively advocates for vulnerable and marginalized Afghans. The organization tirelessly works to shape national and international policies that safeguard their interests, offering a beacon of hope for those seeking to break free from the cycle of poverty.

For more detailed information or inquiries, feel free to reach out to CARE Afghanistan’s Country Director, Victor Moses, at

CARE International’s enduring commitment to Afghanistan exemplifies a vision of positive change and a future free from poverty’s grasp. Together, let us build a better tomorrow for all.

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