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Roshan: Transforming Communications in Afghanistan
Roshan, formally known as Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Limited Liability Company, stands as Afghanistan’s leading telecommunications provider, spearheading a comprehensive communication network across all 34 provinces. With an impressive subscriber base of approximately 6 million active users, Roshan is deeply committed to fueling the nation’s reconstruction and developmental efforts.

This telecommunications success story represents more than just connectivity; it mirrors a profound commitment to Afghanistan’s long-term growth. Having invested over $700 million in the country, Roshan has become a pivotal force driving progress. Moreover, our workforce, consisting of around 900 individuals—99% of whom are Afghan nationals, with 15% being women—directly contributes to this mission. Indirectly, Roshan influences employment opportunities for approximately 45,000 people.

Our Mission: Fostering Afghanistan’s Advancement
Empowering Growth, Embracing Responsibility
Roshan’s mission aligns with the larger vision of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), our sole shareholder. As an integral part of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), AKFED champions private initiatives and nurtures economically viable enterprises in the developing world. This partnership fortifies Roshan’s dedication to advancing Afghanistan’s growth trajectory.

For detailed insights into AKFED’s objectives, visit Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development.

Our Network: Empowering Connectivity Nationwide

A Robust Network Catering to Nationwide Connectivity

With an investment exceeding $700 million, Roshan has established a vast network spanning 387 districts, cities, and towns across all 34 provinces in Afghanistan. This extensive coverage reaches over 91% of the nation’s populace, reflecting our commitment to ubiquitous connectivity.

Operating a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) and an ISO-certified Call Center within Afghanistan, Roshan manages an impressive volume of more than 250,000 calls per week. Embracing Afghanistan’s appetite for cutting-edge technology, we consistently invest in enhancing and expanding our network infrastructure to meet evolving demands.

Our Achievements: Bridging Purpose with Recognition

Honors and Accolades for Sustainable Impact

Roshan stands as a testament to the fusion of purpose and profitability. Our executives have received numerous national and international awards, acknowledging their exemplary leadership.

Earning the distinction of being Afghanistan’s first certified “B-Corp,” Roshan exemplifies ethical business practices, driving sustainable social impact within the country. Recognized globally for excellence, our Customer Care, Technology, and Sales departments were the first in Afghanistan to achieve ISO-9001:2008 quality management certifications.

Fortune Magazine acknowledged Roshan as one of the Top 51 Companies Changing the World. Additionally, Fast Company, a leading business innovation publication, ranked us among the Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Social Good, underscoring our commitment to impactful change.

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