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Tabish is a non-governmental, non-political, and humanitarian organization operating in Afghanistan since its registration with the Ministry of Economy in 2009. Committed to adhering to governmental laws and procedures approved by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Tabish focuses on psycho-social health, education, human rights, and capacity development.

With a team of international experts and qualified national staff—including therapists, psychosocial counselors, social workers, doctors, nurses, and proficient program and project management experts—Tabish offers diverse services across Afghanistan. Since its establishment, Tabish has dedicated itself to providing essential services to vulnerable communities, including internally displaced people, those living in post-disaster camps, prisoners, children, adolescents in rehabilitation centers and orphanages, and homeless individuals, especially those affected by drug abuse.

Amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, Tabish remains committed to staying in the country and ensuring the delivery of life-saving aid and critical social protection services to those at risk. The organization has adjusted its services in response to the current economic downturn, high food prices, rampant unemployment, and the effects of climate shocks and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The situation in Afghanistan has led to approximately one in three Afghans facing acute food insecurity, affecting around 14 million people. The crisis is compounded by increasing numbers of internally displaced persons seeking refuge in urban centers due to the prevailing political situation and sanctions across most provinces.

As the founder of Tabish, Dr. Wais Aria emphasizes the organization’s commitment to providing vital aid and services to those in need, despite the challenges faced due to the humanitarian crisis.

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