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HADAAF Overview:

Established in March 2004, HADAAF is a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-sectarian Afghan NGO. Officially registered with the Ministry of Economy in 2006, the organization is committed to implementing diverse programs in challenging regions of Afghanistan. Focused on health, education, livelihood, emergency response, and community social development, HADAAF prioritizes vulnerable communities, including marginalized women and children, people with disabilities, and internally and externally displaced populations.

Strategic Collaboration:

HADAAF’s strategic approach involves extensive collaboration and partnership with organizations such as Mop, IMC, UNICEF, WHO, Save the Children International, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, Johanniter, and Cordaid. This collaborative model facilitates access to hard-to-reach areas, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services.

Strategic Planning:

Guided by a five-year strategic plan (2017-2021), HADAAF aligns its priorities with the Afghan Government National Development Priorities Plan, The Afghan Citizen Charter, Global Sustainable Development Goals-2030, and agendas of other development partners. The plan is developed through a participatory process involving beneficiaries, government actors, development partners, and governing bodies.

Adherence to Standards:

HADAAF upholds national and international humanitarian standards, including International Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of Children (CRC), The Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response, Do NO Harm, Sphere Standards, NGO Laws, and a Code of Conduct.

Operational Capacity:

With 14 years of experience in the country, HADAAF has developed robust operational capabilities at both national and sub-national levels. This includes sections for program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, human resources, logistics/supply chain, and finance, with an internal control mechanism.

Goal of HADAAF:

HADAAF aims to contribute to community-based development and alleviate the suffering of affected populations through actions in Health, Education, Livelihood, Women Empowerment, and Emergency Response Mechanism (ERM).


HADAAF aspires to build a healthy, self-sufficient, and self-determined Afghan society capable of making informed decisions for their well-being and development.


Through meaningful collaboration and active participation with stakeholders, HADAAF strives to bring about positive and lasting changes in the lives of marginalized groups in Afghan society. This is achieved through holistic approaches based on urgent needs and local priorities.


HADAAF is guided by the following organizational values:

  • Impartiality: Upholding inclusivity and non-discrimination without taking sides in conflicts or supporting specific factions.
  • Equality: Promoting equal opportunities and access to resources for all citizens, including women, girls, boys, and people with disabilities.
  • Social Justice: Ensuring fairness while recognizing diverse needs arising from differences in gender, capabilities, and identities.
  • Quality: Striving for the highest quality in all endeavors through unity of purpose, strong teamwork, and dedication to the mission.
  • Integrity: Maintaining honesty, transparency, and accountability in all actions.
  • Integration and Cooperation: Promoting teamwork among staff and stakeholders to enhance participation and build a sense of ownership.

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