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About DRC: Denmark’s Leading NGO in Forced Displacement

DRC, the Danish Refugee Council, stands as Denmark’s largest and foremost non-governmental organization (NGO), spearheading efforts concerning forced displacement worldwide. Since its inception in 1956, DRC has expanded its footprint, operating across 40 countries and boasting a team of 7,500 dedicated employees committed to safeguarding, advocating for, and nurturing sustainable prospects for refugees and communities affected by displacement.

Who We Are and What We Do

Established with a focused specialization in addressing forced displacement, DRC intervenes across various crucial stages of displacement:

1. Comprehensive Support Throughout Displacement: DRC’s initiatives extend through acute crises, exile situations, settlement phases, and reintegration upon return. The organization remains steadfast in its support during each phase.

2. Life-saving Humanitarian Aid: Ensuring protection and provision of vital humanitarian aid forms a cornerstone of DRC’s operations, delivering critical assistance to those in need.

3. Promoting Self-reliance and Integration: DRC endeavors to empower displaced individuals, aiding them in becoming self-sufficient and seamlessly integrated into host societies.

4. Advocacy for Rights and Harmony: Collaborating closely with civil society groups and responsible authorities, DRC actively advocates for the protection of rights and fosters peaceful coexistence within communities.

Moreover, in Denmark, our 6,000 volunteers play an integral role in facilitating integration activities, contributing significantly to the welfare of displaced individuals throughout the nation.

At DRC, our commitment to addressing forced displacement encompasses a holistic approach, combining expertise, compassion, and active engagement across diverse global contexts.

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