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Discover the heart of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), a steadfast force dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals in need across Asia and Africa, transcending barriers of origin, faith, and gender. Our holistic approach to development endeavors to empower communities and individuals, fostering self-reliance as a cornerstone.

Unveiling AKDN’s Impact:

  • Empowering Diversity At AKDN, our strength lies in our diverse workforce of over 96,000 individuals hailing from myriad faiths and backgrounds, predominantly stationed in developing nations.
  • Global Reach Spanning across 30+ countries, primarily in Africa and Asia, we engage in multifaceted initiatives aimed at sustainable development.
  • Commitment to Progress With an annual commitment of $1 billion towards diverse development projects, AKDN remains resolute in channeling resources to uplift underprivileged regions.


His Highness the Aga Khan, the visionary leader and chair of AKDN, serves as the 49th hereditary Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims. With an enduring dedication spanning over six decades, his commitment to development stands unparalleled.

“Today, the Aga Khan Development Network embraces many facets and functions. But, if I were trying to sum up in a single word its central objective, I would focus on the word ‘opportunity’. For what the peoples of the developing world seek above all else is hope for a better future.”


AKDN extends a warm invitation to institutions and individuals globally, inviting them to collaborate in designing, funding, and implementing groundbreaking development projects. We foster strong relationships with local, state, and national governments in each operational country. Explore our partners


Operating across 30+ countries, AKDN boasts a legacy of over 1,000 programs and institutions, some spanning more than six decades. Our workforce of 96,000, predominantly based in developing nations, drives our mission. With an annual budget of $1 billion for non-profit development and an economic development arm generating $4 billion in revenues, AKDN ensures surpluses are reinvested into further developmental endeavors, especially in fragile or post-conflict regions. Discover our accolades

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