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Afghanistan’s children have endured relentless turmoil, caught in the crossfires of conflict and crisis for decades. In the wake of the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan, the plight of these young souls has worsened amid catastrophic conditions. A convergence of climate disasters, economic collapse, and the breakdown of vital services has triggered one of history’s most severe food crises. Adding to this turmoil, a devastating earthquake in Herat has further exacerbated the already dire situation, compounding the challenges faced by families and their children.

The Crisis Unfolding:

The aftermath of the Taliban’s return to power has plunged Afghanistan into an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. Shockingly, statistics paint a grim reality: 1 in 3 people grapple with extreme hunger, while a staggering 41% of children under 5 face acute malnutrition. The scale of this crisis is staggering, with nearly 30 million individuals requiring urgent humanitarian assistance. Families are resorting to drastic measures for survival, including pulling children out of school to work or, in heartbreaking instances, selling children to alleviate debts or secure food for other family members.

Stories of Resilience and Need:

In the remote northern village of Afghanistan, young Shayesta’s family battles against dire circumstances. With a lack of employment opportunities, Shayesta’s father, Khalid, struggles to provide for his nine children. Their daily sustenance often boils down to tea and bread, highlighting the severity of the food scarcity in their lives. The worst drought in three decades has devastated crops and livestock, exacerbating the scarcity of food and water, pushing families like Shayesta’s to the brink of survival.

Save the Children’s Lifesaving Efforts:

For over four decades, Save the Children has been an unwavering support system for Afghan children. Amid the escalating crisis since August 2021, our efforts in Afghanistan have intensified to aid the growing number of vulnerable children. We focus on delivering critical services encompassing healthcare, nutrition, education, child protection, shelter, water, sanitation, hygiene, and food security. Our Emergency Fund enables us to sustain life-saving healthcare interventions for children and families, ensuring they receive the assistance they urgently need.

Support Afghan Children: Make a Difference Today:

Amidst Afghanistan’s crisis upon crisis, your support can be a lifeline for these children. Your donation can provide essential aid, enabling Save the Children to continue its crucial work, ensuring children like Shayesta receive the care they desperately need. Join us in our mission to safeguard the future of Afghanistan’s children.

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