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Afghan Invest Company (AIC) stands as the force behind one of Afghanistan’s largest and most diversified business consortiums. It serves as a platform where leading manufacturing and service companies converge to invest and operate major mining endeavors within Afghanistan. Comprising 13 companies, the Afghan Invest Consortium shares a unified vision for sustainable growth in the country. Established officially in mid-2022, each company under its umbrella boasts over a decade of experience in Afghanistan’s industries and economy. The consortium’s operational scope encompasses diverse sectors such as mining, agriculture, and industry.

Initially, Mahmood Karzai, brother of the President Karzai, served on the Board of Directors of AIC, overseeing two coal mines and a cement factory. However, due to financial constraints, Karzai sold his AIC shares, raising questions about the future trajectory of this vital asset.

The AIC faced a labor dispute in the past when workers at Afghan Coal LLC protested non-payment of salaries, highlighting concerns regarding employee compensation. This situation brought attention to the need for financial stability within AIC and its associated companies.

The Board of Directors of AIC, led by Islamuddin Ahmadzai as the Chief Executive, comprises eminent figures from various sectors, dedicated to steering the consortium towards sustainable growth.

Background and Operations

AIC originated from an idea conceived during a meeting at the Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce in April 2005. The consortium’s primary objective was to attract investment and foster industries in Afghanistan to stimulate economic growth and employment opportunities.

One of its significant initiatives involved establishing a modern cement plant in Pol-e-Khomri, Baghlan province, contributing to infrastructure development and economic revitalization in Afghanistan. AIC’s subsidiaries, Afghan Cement LLC and Afghan Coal LLC, play crucial roles in the country’s cement manufacturing and coal mining sectors, respectively.

Afghan Cement LLC, the largest cement-manufacturing unit in Afghanistan, holds a production capacity of 4000 MT clinker per day. The company has strategically acquired and rehabilitated Ghori Cement Factory in Pol-e-Khomri, emphasizing quality and expansion to meet growing demand.

Moreover, AIC’s Afghan Coal LLC is engaged in operating coal mines, primarily to supply fuel for cement plants and a proposed thermal power plant.

Expansion and Future Prospects

AIC is poised for expansion, with plans underway for Ghori III Cement Plant, a state-of-the-art facility that will further bolster cement production in the region. The company envisions continued growth and aims to contribute significantly to the development of infrastructure projects across Afghanistan.

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