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Tap Tap Breaking APK for Android Download [2022 Updated]

Tap Tap Breaking APK – For Android players, simulation games are simple to play and have a ton of fun. Do you want to play a simulation game with a different topic that is also addicting? With the help of just your palm, you can break some of the world’s toughest objects in the unique game called Tap Tap Breaking. Get unlimited everything and diamonds Tap Tap Breaking APK for free. Face up against the universe’s greatest breaker!

In the hack game called “tap tap breaking,” the protagonist breaks everything with his hands. He receives money based on the amount of damage done to the object whenever he strikes it with his hand. He also hurts his hand, which lowers his health. Now He will continue that task if all of his health is lost, and he will have to start anew once his health has been restored. Additionally, you can quickly get the game Egg Inc Mod Apk from this page.

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What is Tap Tap Breaking APK?

The idle simulation game Tap Tap Breaking APK is played by virtually everyone. You Know This game requires little more than idle clicking. All of the items on the screen must be chopped with a single click. To cut things, the game’s protagonist uses his hand. His health will also be impacted by the harm he takes.

Instead of using the original version, download the tap tap breaking mod apk to obtain limitless money and gems. Play the game and leave a comment with your thoughts.

App Details

Name Tap Tap Breaking
Size 53.3 MB
Version v1.77
Package Name com.odaatstudio.powerman
Developer ODAAT studio
Category Games/Simulation
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 4.1 and Above


The tale of this game is situated in a lovely mountainous region, where a boy lives and wishes to cut various objects. He started off practicing with a single piece of wood, then two, and so on, until cutting the wood was no longer a challenge for him. As a result, he was able to hack large boulders, metal, etc. Until he can slice The Universe as well, his experiences with chopping remain limitless. He has to establish himself as the top chopper in the industry. He wants to become the Breaking King above all else.

Tap Tap Breaking APK Unlimited Gems and Power has 3 game types. The default mode is the first. It is your hero’s training mode, and it offers countless training exercises. Now The Challenge Mode is the next. It is divided into little stages. Although the quantity of things rises after each round, there is only one sort of item to chop at each level. Your abilities are at their peak in the Goldbar Mode, and you must utilize them right away to cut stuff.

Screenshot of Tap Tap Breaking APK

Screenshot of Tap Tap Breaking APK_kbebb.com
Screenshot of Tap Tap Breaking APK_kbebb.com

Features of Tap Tap Breaking APK

This game’s features are just as thrilling as the gameplay itself. Additionally well-designed to draw gamers into, the soundtrack and images. There won’t be any advertising to impede your gaming progress. As a result, you will have the freedom to fully enjoy the game.

Supernatural Gameplay

Tap Tap Breaking Crack’s controls and mechanics are simple, and you can play the game with only idle clicking. You may click on any empty spot on the screen while doing chops. You will also find these choppings fascinating even though they appear magical.

Various Upgrades and Challenges

Your character doesn’t always stay in the same place. He is upgradeable at this point. To improve his health and capabilities, you can also train him independently. As a result, this practice will also help you chop faster. Additionally, you may take part in fun in-game challenges to raise your accomplishments.

Auto Options and Boosters

Auto-cutting is another intriguing choice. This choice is available at any time. The benefit of using this strategy is that your character will practice skillful cutting even while uncontrolled. Boosters are employed to quickly chop items inserted into the Tap Tap Breaking Cheat.

Pick New Items

You may alter the objects that are being chopped in Tap Tap Breaking APK if you become tired of the ones already there. Chopsticks and enormous mountains are both acceptable cutting tools. You may even slice up many planets and galaxies as the game’s levels advance. And when you get to the highest point, you can steal God’s sacred treasures.

Break Frenzies

As you stop the frenzies, the purple bar in the game displays your breaking strength. You must do outstanding cuts while maintaining sufficient HP. You will love the game more when additional powers become available to you as you shatter the gold bar.

Modify Background

Tap Tap Breaking APK Unblocked provides a variety of backdrops with various eye-catching optical elements to boost your interest and enjoyment in the game. The backdrop may be changed whenever you desire.

Unlimited Gems and Power

You may utilize an infinite number of gems to purchase coins in Tap Tap Breaking Unlimited Power Mod Apk. You are free to increase your character’s power here. Additionally, the Auto Breaking tool will make it simple for you to go past challenging stages.

Free Shopping and Unlimited Money

Due to its broad use in virtually all Mod games, this feature is highly prevalent. In any game, shopping is necessary because many items are not available for free. Use this tool to customize your shopping experience in Tap Tap Breaking APK Free Shopping Latest Version.

Download Tap Tap Breaking APK

Do you want to try something fresh and soothing since you’re sick of playing role-playing and action games? To use Tap Tap Breaking APK on Android, iOS, and your PC, download the mod apk with unlimited gold. You will have a better gameplay experience thanks to the flawless balance of this game.

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Final Thoughts

The action and shooting games have been removed due to player experience in this game. With little, straightforward actions in the game, the creators have made something basic and entertaining. The finest option for entertaining kids is this game. It is also a chance for you to demonstrate your skills and abilities. Let’s take advantage of this fantastic chance by downloading this game on your device.

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