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Mystic Messenger APK Download 1.18.8 (Unlimited Hearts)

Mystic Messenger APK – Every female dream of finding that special someone with whom they can spend their time carefree. To assist girls to pick and date a variety of attractive guys, we have here provided the most recent version of the game Mystic Messenger APK.

Since its release on the Google Play store, the game—which was created by Cheritz, a developer known for creating Otome games for women—has managed to capture players’ interest. There aren’t many games designed specifically for ladies who enjoy dating and romantic relationships.

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To make this app more likable and commercial, Cheritz introduced several additional features in addition to those from Korean dramas. This software includes several kinds of love and dating tales that will assist ladies in interacting with various kinds of boys. They can make a decision based on their looks, preferences, and other factors. All of the characters in the game have Korean looks because Cheritz is the creator of the game.

When there was a great demand for this game in a few years, the mystic messenger craze grew. You may engage and communicate with a lot of males thanks to the developers’ intention when they created this program. Everyone wants to express their innermost sentiments when they’re bored, and this game is designed in a way that will enable you to do several different things. Thankfully, this software is one of the few games like this that will make girls pleased. Therefore, while playing, you can be sure that you won’t get bored even for a moment.

What is Mystic Messenger APK?

A well-known android dating game with a female slant is called Mystic Messenger APK. More than five million people have downloaded and registered for the game globe as a result of its soaring popularity over time. In the game, you are the leader of a mystic organization that engages in conversation with hot males. The game’s characters are all lovely anime characters.

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The decisions you make in this narrative-based game will determine how things turn out for you. You now have access to additional features like Special title illustrations, which can appear in any sequence. Due to the five million players’ overwhelming satisfaction with the gameplay, the Play store also received the Editor’s Choice award.

We present the Mystic Messenger APK in response to many of its users’ requests for a new mod version with all the Unlocked features like the Unlimited Hourglass Calling Card for free.

App Details

Name Mystic Messenger
Size 62.8 MB
Version v1.18.8
Package Name com.Cheritz.MysticMessenger
Developer Cheritz Co., Ltd
Category Games/Simulation
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 4.3 and Above

Screenshot of Mystic Messenger APK

Screenshot of
Screenshot of

Features of Mystic Messenger APK

Check out the review to have a complete understanding of Mystic Messenger APK.


The game’s structure is unique since you truly have a phone within your phone. Therefore, Mystic Messenger APK was given. In other words, the entire gameplay revolves around you corresponding in chats with characters who only emerge at predetermined times. There are times when this is a one-on-one conversation, other times it is with a group of people, or even all the characters at once. It’s a lot of fun since each character has their communication style, defining traits, and unique animated stickers! There are just two languages available for Mystic Messenger APK: English and Korean, however, you can understand the discourse because it is not very difficult to understand.

Make friends and fall in love

The primary objective in this dating simulator game is to seduce and fall in love with the character you adore. Or, each in turn. The game’s protagonists will inform you at some point that you are in charge of planning their charity party and that your first task is to modify the guest list. There are two distinct components to the gameplay. Invite as many people as you can, then use the chosen character to wrap up the plot.

You can select a narrative as soon as Mystic Messenger APK. This is the beginning place. Every story features a unique main character and a distinct history. The game starts when you select your favorite character.

Different characters write at different times

Remember that the amount of time you may spend in dialogue will vary based on the plot you choose. For instance, in Casual Story, it will be 5-7 minutes at a time, however, in Another Story, it would be 15 minutes or more! A bit additional information about chats: they only exist throughout the game’s narrative and vary depending on the character you’ve chosen. As an owl, Zen, for instance, will be less engaged in talks in the morning and afternoon but more active in the evening or at night. Student Yooson, on the other hand, will begin writing at eight in the morning since he will be busy and leaving for class at that time.

Difficulties of choice

The game has five primary characters and two additional characters. Each of them has a unique personality, set of traits, speaking and writing style, and worldview. Increase your interest in Mystic Messenger APK by completing the mission to discover your favorite character. After all, you need to comprehend someone before you can fall in love with them. Each character in this dating sim game personifies one of the most typical characters you encounter in real life, as is the case with all dating sim games: a gamer, a geek, a joker, or someone who is overconfident.

The responses you select during the discussions will affect how the character feels about you. The likelihood that you will hear a narrative with the character increases with the number of responses he likes.

Graphics and sound

Mystic Messenger APK has the same visual style as comic books, manga, and anime. Fans of the genre will adore this hybrid of Japanese animation and comics, although it can turn off certain players.

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In addition to the intriguing and unusual narrative, which is unique to each of the characters, other elements temporarily distract you from the fact that you are playing a game and not experiencing reality. For instance, the hero’s compassion for the user will be clear to see. Some of them will talk only to you or about you in conversations. They showered me with praise, love, and a yearning to meet. They also make calls and send SMS messages.

Additionally, there are story twists and turning moments in the game that you can’t necessarily get through the first time. It is not simple if you believe it to be so. In Mystic Messenger APK, each character has a happy finish, numerous average conclusions, and five to seven unhappy conclusions. We also specify how many guests you will finally be allowed to invite. If there aren’t enough of them, this is likewise a disappointing conclusion.

The characters in Mystic Messenger APK show interest in the user, which is what we think is the best feature. That is, after Chat Room, one of them will undoubtedly write to or phone you. Each hero has a distinctive voice! It is quite challenging to resist giving in to the caller’s emotional state, whether it is sad or happy.

Mystic Messenger purposefully used these narrative techniques so that you would develop a bond with the character and feel a sense of intimacy. Furthermore, the characters don’t always fare well in the plot. As a real human, the game makes you uneasy and concerned about the binary code.

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Final Thoughts

One of the greatest online games you can play with your pals is Mystic Messenger APK. Those of you who enjoy reading novels will find this game to be fascinating. Jumin Han, a young child who grew up to be a highly wealthy businessman, is the subject of the game. He is the proprietor of a sizable business. But because he struggles with loneliness, he set up a chat room where he may meet new people and communicate, but only smartphone owners are permitted to join.

Therefore, you must download and install the Mystic Messenger APK on your Android phone or tablet to join this chat group. The whole focus of the game is conversing with various characters in the chat group to learn their backstories. You will receive a variety of stories, including those about friendship, romance, and even murder and mystery. Millions of people are testing this software.

Please give the application a rating so that I can encourage us more. Thank you!

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