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Download Aurora Store APK 4.0.7 For Android [2022 Updated]

The greatest alternative to the Google Play store is Aurora Store APK, which offers all the same functions and a beautiful user experience. Without a Google account, you may use it to download any APK from the Google Play store. All pertinent details are available on the shop, which also functions as the Play store. Avoid settling for programs that merely have default options and instead enjoy customizing and managing the apps.

Rahul Kumar Patel created the freeware and open-source application. It offers a wide variety of classified programs for you to download, just like other stores like Amazon AppStore, Kbebb.Com, or Jio AppStore. It belongs to the group of download managers.

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What is Aurora Store APK?

A Yalp Store derivative called Aurora Store APK (Yalp Store is also available on Uptodown) provides essentially the same functions but with a far more stylish and useful user interface. It’s effectively the same program, despite being a fork, and it lets you download any APK offer on Google Play without a Google Play account.

The information in Aurora Store is identical to that on Google Play. With this app, you can quickly and easily download the APK to your smartphone while seeing app descriptions, images, updates, and user comments. Additionally, if you know the version code, you may search for previous versions of programs on the Aurora Store.

Additionally to all of those advantages, the Aurora Store APK makes it simple to manage programs that are already on your smartphone. From the Aurora Store, you can see if any of your installed applications need to be updated, prevent an app from doing so, and decide whether or not you want APK files to be immediately deleted after installation.

The Aurora Store is an unusual software that serves two purposes overall. In addition to making managing the apps currently installed on your smartphone simple, it also makes it simple to download almost any APK published on Google Play. All from a sophisticated, easy-to-use interface.

App Details

Name Aurora Store
Size 6.2 MB
Version v4.0.7
Package Name
Developer Rahul Kumar Patel
Category Apps/Productivity
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 5.0 and Above

Screenshot of Aurora Store APK

Screenshot of Aurora Store
Screenshot of Aurora Store

Features of Aurora Store APK

Elegant Interface

The program has a straightforward yet appealing user interface and many more functions, like spoofing, rooting, creating false accounts, and so forth. It will provide you with a description of the application, screenshots, updates, and user comments. A tab for learning about the installed applications and their versions may be found here. The app provides a wide range of essential app categories, including photography, customization, commerce, ebooks, comics, and many more. Many built-in app shops have strict policies against downloading programs, but the Aurora store accepts any apps—even those that the Google Play Store forbids.

Smooth & Reliable

The built-in AppStores of various mobile device manufacturers vary; Apple has Apple Play Stores, Android has Google Play Store, Samsung has Galaxy Apps, and so on. These built-in app shops have strict guidelines and won’t let any shady games or apps download on your smartphone. You may occasionally become irritated by it. The ideal option is Aurora Store APK since it avoids many restrictions and makes your job simpler and more trustworthy. It also has several more features due to its relationship with Yalp Store.

Safe & Secure

The program has many genuine apps and is completely safe and secure for downloading many apps, games, tools, and books. Without a doubt, it is unofficial yet legal everywhere in the world. You won’t have to worry about using this program in an unlawful or malware-infected environment.

Privacy & Ads-free

The user is more trustworthy because of the impenetrable privacy conditions because the program doesn’t ask for any personal information from them. It allows us to focus more intently on our job because it is devoid of intrusive advertising.

What are the advantages of Aurora Store APK over Google Play?

First off, Aurora Store APK is a fantastic substitute for Android phone owners who do not want to use Google services or are unable to do so, unlike Huawei handsets. Additionally, there are a ton of benefits over Google Play, such as:

  • You are not required to set up an account linked to certain of your bank details. You can generally get free programs from Aurora.
  • Since it doesn’t gather personal data, this open-source tool offers better User privacy and is less intrusive.
  • Some programs that aren’t on the Google Play Store are accessible.

The drawbacks include the inability to download Google’s applications and the potential absence of some premium applications.

How does Aurora Store APK work?

As a trustworthy substitute for Google Store, using Aurora Store APK is quite simple. To increase its dependability and performance, its creators enhance and improve it.

The installation procedure is straightforward. You will be prompted to choose the app theme, choose the installer (Session Installer for Android 5.0+, Native Installer for Android versions below 4.4, etc.), and provide some access to ensure the app functions correctly. The installer, which differs based on your Android version, is a crucial component.

Once the program has been downloaded and installed, you may log in with your email address, Google account, or as an anonymous user. From there, you can simply search for the applications you want, just like you would with the Google Store. You may immediately access the update service of your installed programs via the app as well.

Download Aurora Store APK for Android

Since Aurora Store APK is a Google Play Store substitute, the Play Store itself does not host it. It must be manually downloaded from the project’s official repository. You need not worry since we will provide you with a direct download link for the Aurora Store APK app. You may get this app on your smartphone using the direct download link and detailed installation instructions found in this section.

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Final Thoughts

People’s privacy concerns are increasing as large digital firms spy on their clients. We are unable to delete any of the many apps from the Google Play Store from our phones or lives. So, if you want to browse the Play Store without being concerned about privacy or surveillance concerns, downloading Aurora Store APK on your device is recommended.

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