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Bloody Bastards APK for Android Download [2022 Updated]

Bloody Bastards APK – Are you seeking a different choice since you’ve had it with the typical combat games? Ragdoll-style combat throughout the middle ages is the basis for Bloody Bastards. Prepare to immediately download Bloody Bastards APK No Ads Latest Version. Take on the idiots and discover new weaponry today. Numerous medieval weapons and armor are used in Bloody Bastards Best Weapon. The game’s inability to give you complete control over your avatar is its most difficult aspect.

Enter the action-packed 2D gameplay of medieval combat with powerful bastards that is reminiscent of Johnny Trigger. In the Bloody Bastards game, you must face bastards to enforce your ownership rights over family property. You are not subject to any limitations when playing. The game is also storage-friendly because it takes up less room. Have fun and enjoy Bloody Bastards APK Offline and Online.

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What is Bloody Bastards APK?

Publisher Tibith’s Bloody Bastards is a unique fighting game with amazing ragdoll action. Every time you defeat a character, new weapons that were utilized in ancient times become available for you to employ. Although the controls of the game are straightforward, moving your player at first is difficult. Use real money to purchase various weapons that are suited to your abilities. The Bloody Bastards APK, however, gives you infinite money in-game to spend whatever you like.

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App Details

Name Bloody Bastards
Size 69.1 MB
Version v3.2.2
Package Name com.tibith.badboxing
Developer Tibith
Category Games/Action
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 4.4 and Above

Screenshot of Bloody Bastards APK

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Features of Bloody Bastards APK

This game’s publisher created it with such amazing features that they help you decompress mentally. Its 2D visuals and adorable character designs keep you interested in the game. Unlike other games of the same genre, this one features a traditional and distinctive user interface. Additionally, Bloody Bastards APK No Ads lets you play without pesky and distracting advertisements.

Enjoy Medieval Fights

Because of its distinctive premise and graphics, Bloody Bastards stands apart from other action games. It represents the Middle Ages when brutal, steel-armored individuals flaunted their weapons. In this game, you must use weapons such as knives, swords, axes, shields, boots, and more to fight nasty bastards.

Large Variety of Weapons and Equipment

You may choose from a variety of medieval weaponry, including swords, knives, flails, axes, and more, with the Bloody Bastards APK. To engage opponents who also carry comparable weapons, you can use the weapon of your choosing. Additionally, you receive a lot of materials to craft equipment like armor, a shield, and other essential stuff.

Upgrade Weapons

As the game progresses, your adversary’s power grows. To combat the opponent, you must constantly update your gear and weaponry. Every adversary you unlock is far more powerful than the one before it. Therefore, maintain your abilities, abilities, and weapons current.

Bloody Bastards Mod Menu

You may play Bloody Bastards Max Level and Free Shopping for an extended period without being interrupted. You are free to shop for various things thanks to it. Upgraded armor and weaponry are completely free to get. Additionally, you have every advantage to counteract the strength of your opponent.

Unlimited Money

You need money to purchase various weapons in the Bloody Bastards game’s original edition. You may need to use up to 100 different weapons at various points throughout the battle. With the Bloody Bastards APK, you may purchase whatever type of equipment and weapon you want.

How to Play Bloody Bastards APK?

Bloody Bastards has exciting gameplay that is easy to grasp. You must take part in thrilling and dynamic conflicts where you establish your combat protocol. The Bloody Bastards APK‘s conflicts are centered on a plot. Until one side prevails, the game features thrilling, never-ending fights.

To unlock the next ones, engage in a 1v1 battle and vanquish your opponents. With just one star, the next foe will become available. The game’s controls are straightforward and include tapping different areas of the screen. To move the character and utilize a sword or shield, tap on the right or left side of the screen. Enjoy medieval battles with unlimited funds to purchase a variety of weaponry.

Download Bloody Bastards APK

Do you want to make a lot of money so you can buy your character’s gear? Here, you have unrestricted funds to purchase the ideal weaponry. Enjoy this fantastic game as you battle your enemies with antique weapons that may be upgraded. For iOS and Android, get the free Bloody Bastards APK Unlimited Money Max Level. Simply click the download button and follow the on-screen instructions to install the most recent version.

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, we can say that the Bloody Bastards APK video game is exceptional because of its captivating 2D graphics and plot. Unavoidable aspects in this gripping, action-packed game keep you interested in it. Without spending any time, get the Bloody Bastards Cheat and enjoy the gameplay of medieval combat. Enjoy yourself even more with unlimited money and a free shopping option.

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